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WebTour Audio Tours — By Mike Lutz

IphoneIn recent years audio tours on cell phones have become very popular and whether cell phones are chosen for ease of maintenance, or to meet unique operational challenges, they are meeting the needs of many institutions for their audio tour distribution.

Also in recent years there has been more desire by consumers on what they want their mobile devices to do. One of the fastest developing trends is to have access to the internet through mobile devices and new technology like the Apple IPhone is an example of what is possible in realizing how the cell phone has evolved beyond being just a platform for voice communication.  Also internet plans for mobile devices are becoming less expensive as more competitors enter the marketplace allowing people to utilize their mobile devices for many functions beyond communication like game-playing, music downloading and video watching among thousands of other uses.  

This latest development offers a new way to have an audio tour for visitors for less cost.  How?  Well if you are currently paying a cell phone audio tour provider to host your audio tour then in the near future you won’t have to as more people have internet-capable devices:  there won’t be the need to pay for a service to host audio tours for cell phones because your visitors will access your tour directly from your website .  I’m calling these new types of audio tours WebTour Audio Tours and you can learn more about them at our website www.qmediaproductions.com/cellphone.htm

As technology changes and improves rapidly how you hear a tour is still only half of the equation–the other of course is what you are listening to.  Q Media is an award-winning production company that is committed to producing excellent audio tour content no matter how it is heard.  We pride ourselves in being able to exceed the message needs of our clients no matter what distribution platform they require whether it is traditional audio guides, cell phones, Ipods, downloadable tours and now WebTours.  Please contact QMedia if you are considering an audio tour or planning to upgrade your current one to find out more about what we can produce, equip or program for your tour.


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