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Happy Birthday To Us

Hello Q Media blog reader.  In June 2010 Q Media will celebrate eight years in business producing audio tours so in reflection I’d like to share with you info about the driving personnel here at Q Media, the story of how we came about and why producing audio tours is what we chose to focus on.  I hope you find our journey interesting and happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday Q Media, happy birthday to us.  And many more…  -M

Q Media Productions was started in 2002 by principals and married partners Stasha Boyd and Mike Lutz.  Stasha and Mike always shared an interest in museums and since Mike is an audio engineer he always gravitated to taking the audio tour when one was available.  Both Stasha and Mike had jobs in entertainment before starting their company – Mike as the aforementioned audio engineer and Stasha has a theater degree and made her living as an actor for many years – so they were always interested in experiencing audio tours when they encountered them in their travels.  Some tours were very well produced (both the Alcatraz and Ellis Island tours they took really impressed them) and others, well, not so good.

They found that after they had taken a tour their appreciation and review of it came from two differrent perspectives — being an audio engineer Mike focused on the production aspects of the tour.  What was the ‘feel’ of the production?  How were sound effects and music used to craft the sonic experience?  Being on the writing/performance side Stasha gave focus to the writing and its delivery.  What was the emotional theme and how well was it consistently told?  Did the actors used in the production convey an effective and emotional impact with their performances? And so on.  They would compare their opinions about the tour and what they thought about it and they always looked forward to find an audio tour offered no matter where they were to see how it was produced and how it helped them to appreciate and understand the place they were experiencing.

Which leads us to how Q Media came about.  In October 2001 Mike and Stasha decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, FL which is located near where they live in Florida.  Fantasy of Flight has the largest privately held collection of vintage aircraft in the world and many of the airplanes on display there are kept in flying condition.  You may think Fantasy of Flight is a strange place to celebrate a wedding anniversary but truth be told Mike has been an aviation enthusiast since he was young and even at one point suggested they get married there “between the propellers of some of the planes with a 40’s theme and a jumping swing band!”  Sorry to say that vision didn’t quit sit right with many persons involved (especially his future mother-in-law who was writing the check for the whole she-bang) so sadly it didn’t come to pass.  Anyway, going to Fantasy of Flight that day was the catalyst that started them on their journey.  You see while Mike and Stasha were touring the facility Mike was letting her know some of the things he knew about the planes.  “That’s a P-51 Mustang painted in the marking of Maj. George Preddy, he was the leading Mustang ace of the war only to be shot down by friendly fire on Christmas Day, 1944”.  Or “…that’s a B-25 Mitchell – a land-based bomber.  Gen. James Doolittle modified and flew one like that off the carrier USS Hornet to bomb Tokyo in 1942”.  After a while of this Mike turned to Stasha and said “you know what this place needs is an audio tour.”  At that point Mike and Stasha looked at each other and thought out loud  “who produces them anyway?”  That’s how they got the notion to get into producing audio tours and have been doing so ever since.

In the past eight years Q Media has gone on to produce audio tours for many types of facilities.  Whether it’s an art museum like The Ringling Museum in Sarasota, FL, or an iconic structure like Mount Rushmore or even Fantasy of Flight (Q Media eventually produced an audio tour for them in 2006), plus many more, Mike and Stasha have been the main, driving force behind Q Media and their talents have been on each and every one of Q Media’s productions.  Stasha has written most of their tours.  Mike has recorded and produced the audio.  They take pride in the fact that when a tour is completed it was from their hands-on creative choices and endeavors that made it so:   When a contract is signed for a tour to be produced by Q Media it is them that have not just the oversight of the tour’s success but their sweat, toil and care go into each one because ultimately they are the ones crafting the tour with their talents for their clients.

So there you have the Reader’s Digest story of Q Media on this anniversary of its conception and inception. Mike and Stasha love what they do and as Mike says “…each time we produce a tour is like taking a class.  Beer Making.  American History.  Aviation.  Japanese Garden Design.  Nature and Wildlife.  Our projects have exposed us to new things and have taken us all over the country.   We always look forward to what is next on the horizon to learn about.”

So please contact Q Media if you are considering providing or upgrading the audio tour at your facility.  Mike and Stasha would love to be the company you choose to provide you with our award-winning approach and capabilities to bring your vision ‘to ear’.


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