Q Media: Audio Tour Experts

Delivering your goals, to your visitors, within your budget.

About Q Media’s Blog

We love audio. Spoken word audio, to be specific. Audio tours, to be even more specific. We enjoy taking them and more importantly we enjoy making them. And since 2002, that’s what we’ve done; develop, write, produce, and deliver some of the finest audio productions in the world. Our primary goal has been, and continues to be to wipe out bad audio in the museum community regardless of small budgets, limited time, limited technical knowledge and…. well, regardless of anything. From the smallest, community non-profit to the largest, globally recognized institution, we’re here to help you deliver your goals, to your visitors, within your budget.

The Q Media blog is a forum for sharing our experience, expertise, advice, and knowledge and at the same time learning more about the wide and wonderful world of audio tours from you.

You’ll find all sorts of information on all aspects of audio tour development.You’ll find information on the development process including posts about scriptwriting and development for audio, schedules, budgets, casting, structuring, etc., etc. We’ll also cover the technical production side including software, recording, editing, music and sound effects, and on and on. In the ever changing world of audio guide technology we’ll provide information and feedback on new technologies such as iPods and cell phones as well as tried and true hardware like mp3 audio guides.

Our blog will be useful regardless of whether you’re planning to a “do-it-yourself” audio tour, planning to outsource certain aspects and keep others in house, or if you prefer to vendor our your entire project. We’re here to help you avoid costly mistakes and to ultimately create an audio tour that will serve you and your visitors well.

In the interests of full disclosure we are a full service audio tour production company. That means we can provide audio guide hardware (we carry the Orpheo brand), work with existing audio guide equipment (we can and have produced content to go on any device including iPods, cell phones, and even our competitors hardware). We do provide limited video production service mostly as it relates to hand-held multi-media devices (we carry Orpheo’s NEO) but we also work with exhibit designers, fabricators, and installers. We offer full concept-to-delivery production services and we offer our services a la carte, providing as much or a little support as our clients need. We also offer workshops, consulting, and when the various museum organizations don’t give us too much headache about it, we offer free seminars at conferences throughout the United States.

So please, make comments, send questions, and let the exchange of ideas begin!


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